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Who, What, Where & Why...

I did a bit of research on how to write this page and it basically all came down to who, what, where and why, so I'll get started...


Who - I'm Jill, 53.  Mom to two grown daughters 27 & 23, lover of creating, friends, animals, outdoors, and my partner John (third times a charm, haha). I look for the beauty in everything, enjoy keeping my hands busy, and connecting people to one another.  My lifelong career has been in design and custom home building, so quilting fits right in!!   

What - An online quilting supply & craft business with a passion to bring a community of creators together, to encourage and offer high quality products for all generations of makers.  MQC is a small business…as in, it's just me.  The main product line is precuts (they take the guess work out!), craft kits, supplies, books and items to help make your creative life easier.   

Where - Modern Quilt Co. is based in Malibu, California but since MQC is an online business, we are where ever you are. :)

Why - What I have always loved construction & design is that no two projects are ever the same, the construction process is like a puzzle; having to coordinate all the parts and pieces in the correct order, and design is all about the emotional/feeling side of the process...the icing on top.  

As a customer I appreciate a personal touch and for the store owner to appreciate my business.  That is what I'm striving to do for you; quick processing of your orders, fair pricing, and a personal touch.

Welcome!! I can't wait to get to know you.