BladeSaver Thread Cutter
BladeSaver Thread Cutter
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BladeSaver Thread Cutter

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BladeSaver Thread Cutter 

Product Features:
Give your used 45mm rotary blades extended life by using them in the BladeSaver Thread Cutter and make cutting your chain pieced fabric projects fast and easy. 

Each BladeSaver comes with a magnetic case to keep your thread cutter safe when not in use or when taking it to class.  

The BladeSaver case doubles as the blade stand to hold your thread cutter securely in place during use.  

Purchase includes:
  • 3D printed BladeSaver case with magnets installed
  • 3D Printed parts for the BladeSaver blade cover
  • Nut/bolt needed to assemble the 45mm rotary blade into the blade cover (please note, color of hardware will vary between silver, gold and black-based upon availability).
  • Printed assembly instructions (also available for download at the bottom of this page)
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