Collection: Love Letter by Lizzy House

Estimated Arrival January 2025

Lizzy House is an artist/designer/illustrator/ product developer/educator/motivational face-timer/part-time baker/full-time mom/ left-handed house cat.

A well known textile designer, Lizzy took a big ol’ break from the industry to explore new horizons and start a family. Her sabbatical has come to an end and she has serendipitously landed at Moda Fabrics. She currently spends her time with her familyn Southern Utah. If she isn’t taking care of family, or making new work, she is asleep.

Where do you go to find your fondest memories? How do you keep them close by? Love Letter is an exploration of these ideas: Swans and their cygnets, ripe strawberries, unexpected birth- day flowers, the enchantment of a garden, botanicals from a hidden mountain forest, the smell of a line-dried dress, and a long-treasured gift. All these things denote the love of a moth- er for her baby, the growing and stretching of a woman, and the evolution of an artist.

With a dreamy color palette that weaves in and out of the light, Lizzy House introduces a new generation of quilters and makers to her whimsical, charming, and nostalgic work. Love Letter is the beginning of a new era and is sure to become a lasting favorite.