Collection: Ruby + Bee Solids by Heather Ross and Annabel Wrigley

We have ordered the entire collection and it will be shipping over 3 months. 

Expected February 2024 ~ 

Claret, Fairy Floss, Posy, Vervain, Salvia, Night Sky, Provence, Sky, Aquamarine, Ink, China Blue, Capsicum, Starling, Sea Glass, Kelp, Evergreen, Pasture, Minty, Tumeric, Avocado, Limeade, Lemonade & Delphinium.

Expected March 2024 ~

Sweet Cream, Mandarin, Marigold, Pumpkin, Mustard Seed, Meyer Lemon, Daffodil, Grape Jelly, Wild Rose, Poppy, Peachy Keen, Russet, Mushroom, Field Mouse, Midnight, Stormy, Pool, Cornflower, Majorelle Blue, Slate, Pearl, Shell Pink & Dove.

Expected April 2024 ~

Lambs Ear, Pewter, Vanilla Custard, Cream Puff, Wisp, Wintergreen, Marine Layer, Wisteria, Mahogany, Blush, Dragonfruit, Creamsicle, Truffle, Matcha, Rose Hip, Aster, Agave, Hibiscus, Glow, Rain Cloud, Perfect Pink, Dusk, Azalea & Unicorn.